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By Latoya Shea

For the sake of understanding the process of something abstract like unforgiveness, we will follow the shot of poison; from ingestion to removal: the unforgiveness detox.

The medical world and all things pertaining to our physical body are what I know; I am a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, a.k.a. the person that puts people to sleep for surgery. I studied Psychology, was in the army, went to Public Health school, was a health inspector, went to nursing school, worked as a nurse, went to more school, and hold my current job as a CRNA in the Bronx, NY.

None of those achievements, however, have credentialed me to write this book. I earned that degree in the school of hard knocks, which cost me more than any degree ever will.

But I’m here, on the other side of rejection, abandonment, loss, abuse, betrayal, multiple rapes, and homelessness. I’m here, to tell the truth, and to help you understand that there is massive freedom and immeasurable peace on this side of trauma and forgiveness.


If there’s one thing that will empower you to get unstuck, it will be to finally understand the whole truth about where you’re at in your journey.

There is a fascinating connection between what’s going on in our “invisible” souls and our daily lives: anger triggers, failure cycles, self-sabotage, chronic pain, etc.

We spend thousands of dollars on prescription medication and hundreds of hours beating ourselves up for what might be “wrong” with us. The lies that you’re bad, evil, crazy, mean, lazy, psycho, and so on have intimidated you into believing you are those things, pushing you further and further into the quicksand.