Work With Me

Work With Me

I am feeling more stress-free, am praying more, and am reading my bible more, and am blessed in my spirit when she prays for me, God is truly using this young lady and she is destined to do great things for the Lord.


Her level of insight is so supernatural. She was able to pinpoint and isolate certain challenges that I was spiritually blind to. And you can’t really work on a problem until you’re aware of it. She’s incredibly skilled with matters of the heart and spirit. She’s like a tool in your arsenal that you really can’t find anywhere else.


Latoya Shea brings a fresh approach to Spiritual Life Coaching.If you struggle with getting over the hump and employing positive tools for change, Latoya has your back.Forgiveness is an issue I and many others struggle with. With Latoya’s coaching, I was able to see where I was holding myself back. Latoya shares spiritual gems and a passion for helping others reclaim their light.

Sometimes a shift is what we need. As a Woman of God, Latoya brings her “A” game to help you reach yours.